The hidden gems of Haiti (video)


When I saw this video, I had to post it. To let you guys know, it’s been a WHOLE 10+ years since I been to Haiti, probably closer to 15 years to be accurate. I’m not sure if my family and I traveled to the tourist parts of the country when I was younger but I definitely need to go back ASAP. So basically, Fall 2017 is when I started to develop the entrepreneurship mindset and now that I’ve just recently turned 25, all I want to do is grow this blog, travel, and start businesses. The first place I want to travel to is Haiti (of course). From what I can remember, Haiti was very hot, the street were packed at times, being in the mountains was the most free I’ve felt, and I also felt a natural bond with the people. I’m aiming to visit Haiti this summer (this is something I just decided on) to enjoy the country and to really understand this island inside and out; the people, politics, everything. That’s the short term goal, the long term goal is to make a positive impact in that country, improve the economy, and start a business(es) which can also be beneficial to the Haitian citizens. What we don’t realize is 1.) how fast life moves and 2.) how much of an impact we can make in our lives. We have the ability to do the “unthinkable” in one generation. I strongly feel that Haiti can make a complete 180 and become a powerful nation and I will be the one to spark that flame. Enjoy this vid!


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